Is livonia michigan safe?

Livonia is always among the safest cities in Michigan, according to FBI statistics. Considering only the crime rate, Livonia is safer than the Michigan state average and safer than the national average. Some examples of difficulties living in Livonia are heavy traffic, lots of potholes and broken sidewalks, incredibly small recycling bins, lack of city inspections, winter weather, and less safety due to increased crime. Compared to the rest of Detroit's suburbs, Livonia proves to be one of the safest suburbs.

However, it is in the lowest 25% of Michigan's safest cities, and that statistic has been quite consistent. Detroit is an area with a lot of crime, and while Livonia is much safer, that crime leaks out. There are a lot of security features, such as security systems, that can really help with that, but that security statistic is still something to consider. In addition, the highway just behind Livonia (I-27) is commonly used by Livonians, and it turns out to be the busiest highway in Michigan.

It has also become much heavier in recent years, and I was already too busy to begin with. There are also a lot of businesses and office buildings there, and that adds a lot to the business. Go to a detailed profile, search for the site with Google or try the advanced search Discuss Livonia, Michigan (MI) in our popular Michigan forum.